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the most beautiful stories will be told by Licia Negri in a book that will be part of the Mental Fitness Publishing series, published by Trevisini Editore

Milan, 21 October 2014 - There is more and more talk about Babywearing and its relevance in modern daily life: the practice that consists in carrying the baby in a support tied to one's own body.

But do we all know what it is? This custom, which has ancient origins, allows you to establish a strong emotional bond with your children, thus helping to prolong the magic that is created between mother and baby during pregnancy.

It is precisely because of the growing awareness of the interest in this method that the first research on Babywearing was born in Italy.

The analysis - conducted by Licia Negri in collaboration with Trevisini Editore - aims to obtain reliable data on babywearing in our country and to collect, through an online questionnaire, the experiences of parents, stories of family life that will be included in a book that will be part of the new series Mental Fitness Publishing dedicated to issues related to well-being from the point of view of the child. to issues related to wellness from a holistic point of view.

Available in bookshops next spring, the book will be a valuable 'consultant' for the family because it will allow parents, absorbed in their daily routines, to get to know the benefits of a high contact approach and to learn all the techniques and characteristics of the various baby carriers, so that they never lose sight of the most precious gift for their child: receiving security and warmth thanks to the presence of the parent.

As has already happened in countries such as the United States and Australia, through this survey, now also in Italy, it will be possible to create a real awareness of the importance of this method, which 'tastes good', in the growth of a child and to make people understand the most authentic advantages of a system in which physicality is essential.

Thanks to the experience of the author, who sits as a technical expert at the CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) working table dedicated to risk analysis and prevention for products in the childcare sector, particular emphasis is placed on the theme of safety.

The book, thanks to the contributions of doctors and researchers, illustrates how correct and safe Babywearing is a crucial experience for the psychological and physical wellbeing of both mother and child, as well as being fundamental in their growth process.

"I agree with the researchers and scholars who believe that a child whose needs for security and love are satisfied from birth, thanks to the proximity to his mother, will be a more serene and balanced adult in relationships with himself and with others" - comments Licia Negri - "the aim of this research is to create a culture of Babywearing, a widespread habit in many countries that is beginning to grow here in Italy. It is important to collect data on a very large sample of parents to allow all mothers-to-be to know before the birth the naturalness of this practice and especially its great benefits".

How to participate in the research? Go to the website, complete the questions and tell us about your most exciting experience related to Babywearing.

What are you waiting for? You have time until January 31st! The best stories will be chosen directly by the author and will be included in the book to be published next spring by Trevisini Editore in the Mental Fitness Publishing series.

Licia Negri,

Licia Negri, 40 years old, has a professional career characterized by work and entrepreneurial experiences in the field of television communication, fashion, luxury, non-profit and art professions.

During her career she has received several awards including the Women and Career Award of the City of Milan, the Benvenuto Cellini Journalism Award under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic, Young Leaders of the Italy-United States Relations Council. After the birth of her son Luca, she approached issues related to the world of childhood. It was with a view to pursuing the well-being of children from birth that Licia became interested in the world of Babywearing, founding MHUG ("Mother Hug"), a company that produces baby carriers.

Her non-profit projects include the start-up of the Laureus Italia Foundation and "All'Arte!", a unique initiative for Milan and for paediatric scientific research because it aims to involve artists of excellence to grace the city with works of extraordinary artistic and cultural importance, creating important fund raising opportunities. The first artist to be involved was one of the greatest Italian artists, Jannis Kounellis, whose permanent installation, created thanks to the project, is visible to the public in the lobby of the Mangiagalli Clinic in Milan.

He sits as a technical expert at the working table dedicated to safety of CEN (European Committee for Standardization).

Trevisini Publisher

Founded in 1859 in Milan by Enrico Trevisini, the Trevisini Editore publishing house began with the publication of a series of books for young people. His successor Luigi began to diversify the production devoting himself not only to the publication of fairy tales, novellas, short stories for children, but also to the edition of real textbooks for elementary schools.

Today Trevisini Editore presents itself as a company that, keeping unchanged the corporate purpose and adapting to the newest production techniques, is able to offer and update annually a catalog increasingly complete and aimed at various modern educational addresses.

In 2012 the company further expands its editorial offerings by creating a new brand "Mental Fitness Publishing" that addresses issues related to wellness from a holistic point of view.

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