Libro guida sul Babywearing

We know very well that one thing we all have in common as parents: the constant thought of doing right by those we love most, our children.

This text is not a manual, it does not contain pre-cooked answers, "fast food" style, or that give us quick but illusory reassurance.

It will not give you the recipe of the perfect parent, but it will make you know and recover a simple and ancient habit of taking care of your children: keeping them as close as possible to you, embracing them also thanks to the use of baby carriers.

The book deals with the various themes using a vast and proven scientific literature. Illustrations and precise photographic sequences will accompany you in your knowledge of the various carriers and how to wear them.

"An essential book for new parents that I also recommend to young doctors who are beginning their specialization in pediatrics."
Dr Franco De Luca, paediatrician and author of the book "Children and too many medicines", The Green Lion, 2009

"Reading Lasciati abbracciare!, chapter after chapter I felt transported into a space of warmth, closeness, love. The author has managed to "feel" her words: through them, in fact, you slowly get to feel embraced and cuddled".
Dr. Daniela Uslenghi, psychologist, psychotherapist and scientific director of theHoffman Institutewhich for over 20 years has been developing innovative methods for training, evolution and empowerment of the person.

On sale in bookshops, in the NATURA SI circuit, in a selection of childcare stores and here, on the MHUG website!

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