MHUG Bamboo Wrap Kiwi

The next best warm, inviting hug after mum and dad's. 

Suitable from birth, it is one of a kind in the wrap range. Lightweight and breathable, it is also available in a natural colour  and grey version.

MHUG Bamboo Wrap is the newborn one :) the green version of our much loved MHUG Bamboo Wrap Skin (natural colour).

230g/m² thread, for excellent support and weight distribution. (Tolerance +/-5%)

The fabric is 100% bamboo viscose, with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification.

The fabric is 100% bamboo viscose, certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class I.

The tests for harmful substances include:

  • substances prohibited by law
  • substances whose use is regulated by law
  • chemicals known to be harmful to health (but not yet regulated by law)
    as well as parameters to safeguard health

Laboratory analysis and product classes

OEKO-TEX® tests on harmful substances are always oriented towards the intended end-use of the textile article. The more a product remains in contact with the skin, the more restrictive the ecological requirements are that must be satisfied.

(source: Oeko Tex Association )

It goes well with (sold separately):

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Adatto dalla nascitafino ai 9 kg. La sua micro-struttura ha eccellenti proprietà̀ di ventilazione e assorbimento dell'umidità: in piena estate può̀ assorbire ed evaporare il sudore in pochi attimi mantenendo il corpo fino a 2 gradi di temperatura più̀ bassa rispetto ai normali tessuti.

Because of its softness, it is suitable not only for full-term babies, but also for the delicate skin of premature babies (*consult the paediatrician first to ascertain the baby's condition) who will benefit from skin-to-skin contact with their parents.

The fabric is 100% bamboo viscose, with certification OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class I. Filato denso e compatto, per un ottimo sostegno e distribuzione del peso.

Laboratory analysis and product classes:

The OEKO-TEX® tests for harmful substances are always oriented towards the actual use of the textile article. The longer a product remains in contact with the skin, the more stringent the ecological requirements are.

Qui trovi i vari tutorial fotografici, passo dopo passo ti guidiamo noi! Un sentito grazie all'Associazione Babywearing Italia, che ci ha supportato per la realizzazione dei tutorial fotografici. Ph credit:Ilaria Corticelli

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Bamboo Wrap in maternity wards

"Since May 2012, the Pediatrics-Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Santa Croce Hospital in Moncalieri, which I manage, has started a collaboration with MHUG aimed at implementing and facilitating Baby Bearing Therapy in our unit. The project consists of a training for the operators of the NICU and the supply of specific bands for premature babies in bamboo fiber designed together with MHUG on the basis of the indications provided by us. MHUG has accepted our proposals with enthusiasm and has produced new bands that facilitate skin-to-skin contact between mother and child. The mothers have accepted and liked them and, therefore, we are using them routinely. In the ward, we encourage the practice of baby carrier therapy from the first days of life of premature babies, as soon as the clinical conditions of the babies allow it".

Dr.Antonio Marra
Head of Paediatrics - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,
Santa Croce Hospital, Moncalieri (Turin)

MHUG, literally Mother Hug. But why hug?

"In the deep meaning of a hug there is everything: openness, availabilitỳ, care, contact, intimacy. I add care. The care is born when the existence of someone is recognized as important [...] You get out of yourself to find your center in the other, with affection. A perfect form of Love [...] The contact, a gesture of love, creates emotional and physical well-being [...] But it doesn't end here: the benefits also extend to the emotional and behavioural level. Carrying satisfies both mother and child: while I am satisfying a practical need (I have my hands free, I am not subject to the constraints that a stroller gives me, etc.), I am also doing you good. Because I love you".

(from "Lasciati Abbracciare", Licia Negri, ed. Trevisini)

Welcome to MHUG, a world of hugs!

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Il portaneonato ecologico e naturale, in 100% fibra organica di bambù – le posizioni

Posizione RANOCCHIO, 0-3- mesi

Posizione CULLA – da 0 a 3 mesi

Posizione CANGURO – da 2-3 mesi fino s 9 kg

In baby carrier therapy, the sling must be made of soft material, so as not to be abrasive on the very delicate skin of the premature baby. We at MHUG have designed one, together with the team of Dr. Marra of the NICU in Moncalieri, Turin (a hospital of excellence in the care of preterm infants) in 100% bamboo, very soft and comfortable. It was a wonderful experience and appreciated by the mothers, which we are replicating in other facilities.

I used it a lot in the summer in my first pregnancy and now I gave it to friends sure to be giving a high quality product. Super soft, light.

Soft, lightweight and durable fabric. I use it with my prematurely born baby who is soothed when he cries and falls asleep in it. Excellent product. Very fast delivery.

Really nice, comfortable and above all breathable ideal for the first months, quality material soft to the touch. In the box there is qualke instruction, the headband folded in the special holder headband takes up little space is so easy to carry anywhere!

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