MHUG Mei Tai Redchic


Elegant grey combined with red. In 100% cotton.

Double thread, with over 260g/m², for excellent support and weight distribution. (Tolerance +/-5%)

Perfect with the red MHUG Fasciatoio Strawberry change mat and matching MHUG Babbucce Redchic booties.

During the winter months, wear your MHUG Mei Tai with the Warm! accessories, and Poncho.

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Adatto per bambini dai 3,5 kg - 18 kg. Non utilizzare per infanti pretermine senza aver consultato prima il vostro pediatra. Mei Tai è il portabebè tradizionale asiatico. MHUG ha brevettato un modello originale, per portare il bebè in diverse posizioni: sul petto in posizione classica a canguro, sulla schiena in posizione zaino e per i neonati posizione ranocchio. È l’unico portabebè con un ampio bavero con tre funzioni speciali: sorregge la testolina, protegge il bimbo dal freddo e dal vento, lo nasconde da occhi indiscreti mentre stai allattando. Puoi indossare il bebè (in posizione “ranocchio”) fin dal primo giorno di vita. È “accessoriato”: copertina, fasciatoio e babbucce (venduti separatamente). Realizzato interamente in Italia, è in 100% cotone certificato con una leggera imbottitura in poliestere. È piccolo e leggero: dimensioni piegato 20x40cm - pesa meno di 500 grammi.Ripiegato si infila facilmente in qualsiasi borsa.

100% Cotone certificato, con una leggera imbottitura in ovatta Microvaltherm (100%PL). Utilizziamo sempre tessuti privi di sostanze chimiche nocive e allergeni, con parametri rispondenti al regolamento comunitario, con certificazione OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class I o Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), riconosciuto come il più importante standard internazionale per la certificazione dei prodotti tessili realizzati con fibre naturali da agricoltura biologica.

Era il 2006, e queste erano le nostre primissime istruzioni video, che hanno “fatto scuola”, quando il babywearing era considerato un’idea folle e senza futuro…ci teniamo a riproporvele, ancora valide dopo oltre 15 anni..” "

  1. MHUG Mei Tai FROG position
  2. MHUG Mei Tai KANGAROO position
  3. MHUG Mei Tai BACK position

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100% Hand-made in Italy

Patented product: comfortable , versatile, safe and beautiful!!
  • Our Mei Tais are small and light, made with natural materials and designed for greater practicality and safety.
  • They allow you to take care of your child closely, making him active and participative.
  • They are an irreplaceable help for sleeping and colic.
Our Mei Tais are ergonomic and patented.

Welcome to MHUG, a world of hugs!

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MHUG Mei Tai, the evolution of the baby carrier

MHUG Mei Tai has a special enlarged seat so the baby unloads the weight on the bottom and not on the genitals. The legs naturally assume the spread position without pushing on the pelvis.

It has a wide belt and two wide padded shoulder straps that distribute the weight of the baby over the entire torso of the adult, without straining the back.

It is designed with a wide lapel with three special functions: it protects the baby from the cold and supports the head during sleep and hides it from prying eyes during breastfeeding.

Stefano Erba

Great quality and 100% safe. We have been using it for a few days but we already love it. Super positive note is reading the label = Made in Italy (finally)


I own the headband and was looking for something more practical. This product met my expectations and needs. Nice cotton, light, made in Italy, easy and quick to put on!!! My baby of 2 months s falls asleep once put in the mei tai, the feeling is d a safe and warm embrace!!! Great product.


Easy to use and convenient . I my little one is one month old and I use it every day . sometimes it is the only way to make him stop crying . I recommend it


I didn't think my baby would like it so much! I was a bit skeptical because I had bought a baby carrier that I wasn't able to use, but this is a different story! After the very useful video on the Mhug website (I'm using the frog position because my son is 40 days old) I was immediately able to use the product and after less than 5 minutes he was sleeping relaxed. Quality of fabrics excellent you can see that it is an Italian product. I really recommend it to everyone especially to those who must always hold his baby because he does not want to know to be in other places :)


Can be used from birth. Product recommended by midwife and I am happy with it. My son sleeps very well with it. At 5 months old he still sleeps for 1h30 while downstairs he hardly sleeps 30min. The small band is very comfortable and isolates him from light and stimuli. Dp 5min max collapses. And also cool for the summer.

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