Welcome to Mhug world, the world of hugs.

Kitting yourself out with an MHUG baby carrier will give your little one a solid base of well-being and safety, because there's nothing better than direct contact with Mum and Dad when it comes to braving the world with a smile.

The key words for taking the best possible care of a newborn baby are: containment, heat, movement and nutrition. Because they are the only conditions he knows and which reassure him. Babies spend nine months tucked away inside mum's invitingly warm body, well fed and in continuous movement. And then? Cots and pushchairs, solitude and distance. It's not such a great scenario!

The truth is, that constantly having a baby in your arms is back-breaking and prevents you from doing anything else.

It was for this reason that we created MHUG - "Mother Hug", (as well as Dad, Grandparents and Uncles and Aunts, Nanny and Friends). We have been here, helping to support mums, since 2007. Our product line originated through collaboration with doctors, midwives and doulas (birth companions), whose advice helped us - and still helps us - to make improvements on a day-to-day basis.



The little one is in an active and natural physiological position, he's not hung as in a conventional baby carrier. With MHUG baby carriers, the little ones offload their weight onto their bottom and not their genitalia.

Their legs naturally adopt an open position without without putting pressure on the pelvis.

The baby's weight is well distributed across the adult's body, without straining his or her back.

Once folded, it can be easily slipped into any bag.