Learning to wear your children correctly is an important first step in preserving their safety. We suggest that you carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturers and, in practice, we recommend that you always be vigilant, even when you will be able to put a baby carrier "with your eyes closed"!

Below are some references from schools and associations to learn the art of babywearing well. The list is clearly not exhaustive, if you know of other places or you are an association or school, contact us and send us your material. Once verified, we will be happy to include your contacts in this section. Click and drop down you will find info and contacts. (Sources: the texts below come from the websites of the respective organizations)

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We are a group of parents, psychologists, educators, grandparents, and people interested in spreading the culture of skin-to-skin contact. The Association was born from the need to create a non-profit association that disseminates (at affordable and honest prices and also free of charge) the theory and technique of skin-to-skin contact, exogestation, the foundations of the concept of the continuum .

WHAT WE BELIEVE IN: We believe in joy and in the need for contact, from the moment of birth until the child detaches himself from us independently. We believe the sling is more than a carrying tool and we help you find out. We believe in and support breastfeeding. We believe in a birth without violence against children and mothers and we recommend it. We believe in sharing culture regarding parent-child contact. With us you will therefore find everything that can be transmitted via the internet, the sources, where possible, are cited so that no one takes possession of glories that do not belong to them. Where the source has not been traceable if he shows up and wants the material used, he will be cited, otherwise the material will be removed. We believe in the possibility of helping remotely, therefore you will find the possibility of having telephone and webcam consultations, compatibly with my private and professional commitments. We strongly believe in the ability of parents to take care of their children properly, we are not Instructors, but Educators, the only ones who know what is best for your children are only you. We believe that mindful parents raise their children better, are more in touch with others and therefore contribute to making the world a better place.


Contactcontinuo was created to spread the culture of carrying - or rather "wearing" the baby from birth for the joy and well-being of the baby and its parents. It aims to accompany parents and future parents in finding the most comfortable method for them to maintain continuous contact with their child even after birth. Through various systems the peoples of the world have carried and carry their children like this. Even today, through swaddling clothes and various supports, it is possible to maintain continuous and constant contact with your child. The founder is Grazie de Fiore, author of the book “Bringing children. Continuous contact, how and why”.


We believe... that carrying is a way, one of many possible, to love. Not a goal or even an ideology, but a style, a way.

We promote the culture and practice of bringing babies and children into contact. Carrying is the choice of those who think that keeping their baby close is a safe way to transmit love to him. It is from this closeness that the positive effects arise. Carrying your child implies close contact with him, a physical and mental relationship and it is not always easy or immediate. In support of the difficulties that the parent may encounter, there is the figure of the Carrying the Littles instructor, an expert and professionally prepared person, with regard to the techniques and with respect to the experience that is linked to Carrying.


We are an organization that aims to promote babywearing as a care practice by sharing the benefits of this practice with parents and their children, helping and supporting them through our information meetings, workshops, group courses and individual consultations carried out by Consultants and babywearing and aimed at parents, all those who deal with parenting and the mother-child dyad. We believe in the rediscovery and enhancement of this ancient and so modern practice so as to meet the needs and requirements of today's life. We believe that babywearing can have benefits for children, for parents, brothers, sisters, for all those who deal with parenting and the mother-child couple. Awareness of the child's needs and of the most appropriate and physiological way to carry the child will guide the choice of support whatever it is. There is no ideal support but the right support for that mother, for that child, for that situation. So welcome to this fascinating world of contact!


This is not a site specifically related to carrying. Perinatal psychology also deals with carrying, but above all it deals with promoting and protecting the health of mother and child in the period around birth. Protecting this phase of life of the mother, the child and the whole family implies dedicating the utmost attention to everything that revolves around conception, pregnancy, birth and childcare in the first months of the newborn's life.

The site is managed by Alessandra Bortolotti, psychologist and author of the book "And if he then gets the vice?"


"Convinced that the care and growth of our children constitutes the fundamental basis for a better tomorrow." The School of Carrying was born primarily as a training and information center linked to the diffusion of the culture of "carrying children", as a practice of natural care and as a model of relationship. It also organizes activities to promote conscious parenting and offers support to the family and the individual .


In order not to feel alone in this adventure, there are many groups on Facebook (almost all "closed", you have to apply to be admitted) that deal with the theme of carrying, contact and breastfeeding.

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