MHUG baby carriers are designed to offer all the advantages that parents know so well: caring for and protecting their baby without giving up other activities:
  • establish a relationship of trust and interaction with your baby.
  • develop their intelligence, making them active and participating.
  • Encourage better body development.
  • satisfy their need for security.

MHUG is what no cot, bedroom or pram can ever convey:

  • It is to accompany the baby gently from the intrauterine environment to the outside world.
  • It is to rediscover the smell and voice of the parents and everything that accompanied them during pregnancy.
  • it is well-being, because the continuous contact can favour the production of endorphins.
  • It is to find security by listening to the breathing and heartbeat of the parents.
  • It is to limit the painful gastric reflux.
  • it is a remedy against colic and an irreplaceable help for bedtime.
  • is to develop the child's autonomy naturally.
  • is a valuable aid in postnatal depression.

With MHUG, life is more comfortable and much more fun because:

  • you can move freely without worrying about stairs, lifts or crowded pavements, keeping the baby well above the direct exhaust pipes of cars.
  • you can breastfeed discreetly anywhere.
  • you can care for the new arrival without neglecting older siblings.
  • it is good exercise for both babies and adults.
  • it's small and light: have you ever tried to fit a stroller into your bag?