A mom is a woman with a baby. Preferably a baby in her arms. And a woman moves, walks, sometimes runs. She talks, listens, sees beautiful and interesting things and participates in the world. She works, she has passions, she grows day after day, she becomes wise and sometimes she's a bit crazy. In short: a mother is a woman. With a little extra sensitivity.
MHUG is for her.
Cottons, velvets and colours for everyday Mhug. Precious fabrics and luminous jewels for the versions dedicated to special occasions. Because being a mother doesn't mean giving up being casual and well-groomed and indulging in a little vanity.
By MHUG are also ponchos and blankets in wool or cashmere, for winter outings, smart accessories for a simpler life. The world of MHUG is a world of beautiful women and joyful children.

MHUG © Made in Italy.