Neonatologist NICU and Neonatal Pathology

Buzzi Hospital, Milan

At one time it was believed that newborns, being devoid of "experience" were simply governed by primary needs such as being fed or sleeping. Today the theory of the child learning only through experience is totally outdated and it is known that emotions are innate, programmed. The maternal uterus is a protected environment, warm and reassuring, and is the first environment in which the fetus becomes aware and begins to experiment the use of the senses. There are innumerable mechanisms that allow this, but of fundamental importance is the need for CONTAINMENT and security. The first months of life represent the first direct physical and emotional contact with the outside world. All the senses are strongly stimulated and in particular the sense of touch. In the mother's belly, the foetus feels enveloped by the uterine walls, cradled by the amniotic fluid. When it comes into the world, the only thing it perceives is well-being or lack of well-being, and it must be remembered that inside the womb it is used to seeing all its desires fulfilled. The MHUG baby carriers meet all these needsMHUG baby carriers meet all these needs, allowing the mother to move freely carrying her baby, trying to bring back to our memory the concept of "instinct" now overwhelmed by false educational rules such as the fear of spoiling the child or not helping him in what will be the physiological detachment from the mother figure.