A natural spread position

The Mhug Mei Tai has a specially enlarged seat so babies offload their

weight onto their buttocks and not their genitalia.

• Their legs naturally adopt an open position without putting pressure on

the pelvis.

• M position, ergonomic.

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Correctly distributed weight

MHUG Mei Tai has a wide belt and two large padded shoulder straps to

distribute the weight of the baby across the adult's entire torso, without

straining the back..

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Wide collar: protection, support and discretion

It has been designed with a wide collar which serves three special functions:

• it protects the baby from the cold,

• it supports his head when sleeping and

• it hides him from prying eyes when breastfeeding.

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3 positions, up to 18kg : The MHUG Mei Tai can be worn in several positions and it is recommended by doctors and osteopaths as a good and healthy practice.

• Frog from 0 to 3 months

• Kangaroo from 2-3 months onwards

• Backpack from 6 months onwards

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