MHUG, the world of safe hugs. Since 2006.

MHUG is an indispensable tool for the well-being of mothers because, leaving your hands free, you can devote yourself to your baby doing all those activities that before, with the baby in your arms, were impossible. You can work, cook, take care of your older brothers and sisters, walk around the crowded shops in the city centre or attend a social event wearing your baby.

The beginning

Like many things in life, Mhug was born from a need, in this case of two working mums, one a freelancer and the other a businesswoman.

Both lucky enough to be able to organize their time without the rigid schedules of an office, but still, like all working mums, always on the move or in a hurry. Always with the atavistic sense of guilt (very feminine) and the feeling of never being able to keep up with everything.

How to satisfy the natural need to be near your baby, without always having to choose between work and motherhood? So impossible to try, whenever possible, to bring it with you? How to do with computers, documents, pacifiers and diapers, and a baby in your arms? A bulky cradle or a stroller is certainly not the answer, especially for those who live in the city, on and off public transport.

It was 2006...

The market then, it was 2006, did not offer many alternatives, there was no attention to ergonomics, the so-called "carrier" mothers were looked at as they pointed at the witches in the Middle Ages, the (few) babies in the (few) existing supports were hung like sacks of potatoes and, facing the road, as the stoccafissi. Not a very attractive view...

These two mothers decided to try to create something that could fully satisfy their needs.

Learning from other cultures

The first step was to observe, observe and observe again. Studying, learning and taking inspiration from those cultures where carrying babies was an ancient custom. African mothers working in the fields, Asian women with babies blissfully asleep in their baby carriers. No one hanging, no one crying. (PHOTO)

Then came the first drafts, the many prototypes. With the conviction that we could not do it alone, we began a fruitful collaboration with professionals in the field of childcare: doctors, midwives, doulas, in order to design a healthy and safe product, according to all the points of view of all the experts involved.

At the same time, a great deal of work and attention was paid to fabric research: they had to be non-toxic, certified and beautiful. We are talking about 2006, not such an easy task!

Made in Italy, right from the start: a conscious choice

By mutual agreement, an important choice was made: to produce everything in Italy, a choice that is consistently maintained even after 15 years, despite the temptation of low-cost production overseas.

Once satisfied with the various steps, we arrived (finally!) at the last step: laboratory tests, which we also requested for parameters that were not required by European law at the time. Safety is no joke. So, physical and mechanical tests, to ensure the tightness and durability of the products; chemical tests, to ensure that the fabrics did not contain potentially toxic substances; flammability tests, to be safe even in extreme cases.

After about a year, we finally arrived at the final product, and with great pleasure, already with many orders to fill, those of mothers who saw us around with our babies, beautiful peaceful (and often asleep) in our MHUGs.

Our Moms and Dads!

Active, dynamic, they love to take care and live as close as possible to their babies, because time passes quickly!

Among the parents known to the public immediately "mughizzizzati", with much pleasure we remember (and thank!): Kris Groove, Ilary Blasi, Ludovica Sauer, Alessandro Cattelan, Francesco Totti, Paola Cortellesi, Giulia Belvedere, the Pozzoli's, Mandala Tayde, Carolina de Domenico, Paola Maugeri and many others!

Check out the Mhug-parents!

Our mission?

It is the MHUG logo that best "tells" our message:

two sunny orangecircles, one larger and one smaller, to represent parent and child.

The circle as a symbol of perfection and completeness.

Theorange colour symbolizes warmth, serenity and intensity, which are indispensable in this extraordinary understanding, the first in the life of every child and the most important for every parent.

Welcome to MHUG, the world of the safe hugs!