MHUG accessories Indispensable for a warm and practical Babywearing:

MHUG Warm!: the "little coat" for the MHUG Mei Tai. With one simple gesture it can be attached to the panel to protect your baby from the cold. Available in merino wool, cashmere or certified fleece from an environmental sustainability project. As always, everything made in Italy.

MHUG Poncho: in cashmere blend or fleece, it is suitable for babies from 3 months to 3 years (and beyond!) and with all MHUG baby carriers. You can go from outside to inside without worrying about a sudden change in temperature because, with the MHUG Poncho it takes just one simple gesture to slip it on or off, without ever having to remove your little one from the band or MHUG Mei Tai. The MHUG Poncho perfectly covers the baby's back, head and chest, even the bigger ones. 

MHUG Milky:

MHUG's latest creation, one of the (few) products that’s a real must have! In organic cotton, it protects mum and dad's back (and sweaters, jackets ..). Fundamental after breast-feeding or bottle-feeding, it will protect your clothes from any unexpected regurgitations. Two pieces, in an attractive and practical pot in certified, non-toxic PET