MHUG baby carriers are designed to give you all those benefits that a parent knows only too well: to care for and protect your baby without renouncing other activities:

  • to establish a relationship built on trust and interaction.
  • to develop your baby's intelligence, keeping him active and involved.
  • to encourage better physical development.
  • to satisfy his need for security.

 MHUG is what no cradle, cosy bedroom or pushchair will ever be able to offer:

  • gentle accompaniment from the environment of the womb to the outside world.
  • a rediscovery of the parents' smell and voice and everything that was there during the pregnancy.
  • well-being, because continuous contact promotes the production of endorphins.
  • finding security through listening to the parent's breathing and heartbeat.
  • the reduction of acid reflux and its associated pain.
  • a remedy for colic and an invaluable sleeping aid.
  • a way of naturally developing the child's autonomy.
  • a valuable aid in postnatal depression.

 With MHUG life is easier and a lot more fun because:

  • you can move freely without worrying about stairs, elevators or crowded pavements, keeping your little one well above car exhaust fumes.
  • you can breastfeed discreetly wherever you are.
  • you can look after your little newcomer without neglecting his older siblings.
  • it is good physical exercise for both little ones and adults.
  • it is small and light: have you ever tried to put a pushchair in your bag?