As we well know, one thing unites all of us as parents: that constant preoccupation with doing the right thing for those we love the most, our children.

This book is not a manual, it does not contain ready-made answers, in a "fast food" fashion, or ones which will give us rapid, albeit, false reassurance.

I won't be giving you the recipe for how to be the perfect parent, but you will learn and help salvage a simple, ancient practice, for taking care of one's children: keeping them as close as possible to you, giving them a hug thanks also to the use of baby carriers.

This book addresses various issues drawing on extensive, substantiated scientific literature.  There are illustrations and explicit photographic sequences to help you get to know and put on the various supports.

"A fundamental book for new parents that I would also recommend to young doctors starting out in paediatrics." 

Dr. Franco De Luca, paediatrician and author of the book "Bambini e troppe medicine", Il leone verde, 2009 (Children and Too Much Medicine).


"Reading Lasciati abbracciare!, chapter after chapter, I felt myself being transported to a place of warmth, closeness and love.  The author has managed to make her words " felt ": through them, in fact, one slowly begins to feel hugged and pampered."

Dr. Daniela Uslenghi, psychologist, psychotherapist and scientific director of the Hoffman Institute who, for more than 20 years, has been developing innovative methods for personal formation, development and enhancement.