It's not a form of patriotism that compels us to remain within our boundaries. 

We were tempted to go over them, we admit it.  When you're offered a service or a product at prices that "we can only dream of here" it does make you think twice. But we decided to remain here.

The world of MHUG is made up of people, not just suppliers and numbers.

When it came to designing our products, we talked them through with Stefania, who works for major fashion brands and has 40 years of experience under her belt.  She became highly interested in what we wanted to do and has followed us ever since with tremendous passion (and a good deal of patience).  Stefania and her craftsmen, are one of the many long-established workshops with a tradition of excellence, which can only be found here in Italy today. 

She adores her work, and for us she is a point of reference.  When a big batch consisting of thousands of metres of fabric arrives, she is able to spot the tiniest flaw, one which you and I wouldn't see even under a microscope.  With passion and precision, she let's you know if there is something wrong, cursing anyone who doesn't put their heart into their work. 

When we urgently need cotton for our MHUGs, we don't telephone a call centre, but Beniamino, our reliable sales rep who works for one of the most important textile companies in Northern Italy.  Punctual and precise, he has proved to be extremely considerate, for example, when he readily provided us with pro bono fabrics for a wonderful project that Adele, an amazing woman, is pursuing with such incredible passion.

When it came to packaging, we received many tempting proposals from Asia, but we took the decision to work with the legendary Guido. From his company just outside Bergamo, he provides millions of pieces a year to large-scale companies. But he always finds the time to come and see us (and yes, we do sometimes give him a large order!) although we'll never operate on such a massive scale.

And then here, there's Lara, indispensable, and also Marco, Mirta, Olli, and all those thanks to whom MHUG exists. 

We never judge those who do things differently, providing it's ethically correct.  It's just that we decided to hold tight and carry on production at home.

Apart from some raw materials - purely because they don't exist here in Italy- the production chain is completely based here.  This is where we are.  And from here it's easier and quicker to check the quality of what we're offering you.

We like working in this way, and we hope to carry on for a long time to come!

In addition, there's one thought that's continued to rattle our brains: Could we create implements for the well-being of mothers and their children if there were the tiniest, remotest doubt that the person doing the sewing, maybe even a mum herself, was not only being deprived of her well-being, but maybe also her fundamental rights?