Here are some testimonials on the quality of our products. Our thanks goes to all those professionals who work with children who put their faith in us, who supported us and recommended us - and who have continued to do so - over the years.

  • "At one time people believed that babies, seeing they were without "experience", were simply governed by basic needs such as being fed or sleeping. Today the theory that a child only learns through experience is totally outdated as we now know that emotions are innate and programmed. The mother's uterus is a protected, warm and reassuring environment and the first environment in which the foetus becomes conscious and starts to experiment with its senses. There are innumerable mechanisms that allow all this, but of fundamental importance is the need for CONTAINMENT and safety. The first few months of life are his first direct, physical and emotional contact with the outside. All his senses are strongly stimulated and in particular the sense of touch. In the mother's womb the foetus feels enveloped by the walls of the uterus, cradled by the amniotic fluid. On arriving in the world, the only thing he perceives is his well-being or the lack of it, and it's worth remembering that in the uterus he was accustomed to having all his wishes fulfilled. MHUG baby carriers satisfy all these needs, allowing the mother to move freely while carrying her child with her, in an effort to bring the concept of "instinct" back to mind, a concept which has been overwhelmed by false educational rules such as the fear of spoiling one's child or of not helping him to overcome, what will be, physiological separation from the mother.
    Dr. Ilaria Stucchi Neonatologist
  • "I tried the MHUG Mei Tai without referring to the instructions and I found it easy to figure out!

    The children have appreciated being able to fall asleep peacefully, it is really very comfortable; in particular, I like it because it's compact and easy to carry with me wherever I'm going.
    I would like to recommend it all the mothers I look after! "

    Marina Baldocci

    IBCLE (International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners) Italian coordinator - Rome

  • “The MHUG Tai really is a quality product. Parents spend too much money on unnecessary items or ones that don't last. By contrast, the MHUG Mei Tai is a piece of kit like no other: it's a must in those first few months for promoting contact and containment. And it's so versatile that it will continue to be useful as the baby grows and for many years to come. Every mother should have one! "

    Piera Angela Bongiovanni

    Lead Obstetric San Giuseppe Hospital maternity ward- Milan

  • “Handy as a backpack, soft as a hug! MHUG, just my cup of tea!"

    Maria Grazia Biagini

  • Domiciliary midwife, founder of the site, founder and teacher at “La Scuola delle Doule” – Pisa

  • "The Mhug Mei Tai is a great alternative to baby carriers you can find on the market because it's so much lighter. It can be used for newborns and larger babies, on your back and on your stomach. When folded you can easily keep it in your bag. My Association has tested it and I recommend it (also to grandparents, who often want to carry their grandchildren).

    The MHUG Bamboo Wrap is, in my opinion, the softest band on the market, the best among those for children up to 7.5 kg. It's incredibly light and has a silky touch, I think it's the best one for wearing on bare skin. "

    Dr. Federica Mattei

  • Psychologist and president of the association BIMBINFASCIA ( - Florence

  • "I invited an Mhug-user, who is also a student at the “Scuola delle Doule” (doula training school), to a prenatal course I run. I was very impressed by the information she gave, for example, I discovered that the leg positioning when using an MHUG, is decidedly better compared to common pouch-style baby carriers. We had already talked to the mothers about the importance of Contact, and the MHUG presentation came just at the right time. These baby carriers really won me over and now, every time I see a child on the street in a baby carrier, I want to stop those mums and tell them the only one to use is an MHUG baby carrier! "

    Emanuela Geraci

    Prenatal counsellor, founder of the site, founder and teacher at “La Scuola delle Doule” - Pisa

  • “MHUG baby carriers really do make like easier for mums because they leave your hands free as well as enabling you to breastfeed anywhere. Spending your days with your newborn baby is less stressful, and the return to normal daily life is quicker. For this reason I recommend it to my patients. "

    Angela Dinoia

    Midwife and Professional Lactation Consultant - Milan

  • "CONTACT" is a manifestation of Love, it creates and maintains the subtle bond between mother and baby ... In the first few days and months of life it generates a "secure base " from which the future being will emerge and develop, as regards emotional behaviour and social relationships. Anything that is in favour of this process, its implementation and realisation, is fostered and sustained, and the result that emerges only goes to confirm its value and its virtue. "

    Laura Allemagna

    Expert in neonatal Bio-energetic Massage and emotional First Aid at the "EVA REICH" study centre in Rome.

  • Finally a baby carrier that:
    - respects the physiology of the newborn baby and child
    - respects the newborn baby's muscle flexion, indispensable for his comfort and correct development in the first months of life
    MHUG baby carriers also offer great comfort for the mother enabling her to easily breastfeed

    Silvain Mistichelli

    Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and member of the Register of Osteopaths of Italy (ROI)