The risk of suffocation is high, especially for babies born prematurely, with respiratory problems and in general under 4 months of age. Do not use for preterm infants without consulting a doctor.
Before use, read the instructions for each specific position carefully and follow the instructions. Failure to follow the manufacturer's directions and instructions could result in death or serious injury.
Remember that a baby in the carrier is like an extension of your body, so always be careful and use common sense when carrying a baby:

  • Baby carriers are intended for use by adults. Do not leave the product unattended in the presence of children;
  • make sure that the child's airways are always clear. Make sure that the baby's face is always visible, never against the fabric, nor against the carrier's body. You can breastfeed while wearing your baby. Always make sure that the baby's face is not pressed against your chest when you have finished feeding;
  • do not allow the baby's head and neck to fold into a C-shape with the body; this position can compress and interfere with breathing - even if the airways are not obstructed - causing suffocation;
  • use only with a child;
  • your balance may be affected by your movements or those of the child. Use caution when bending, leaning forward and/or to the side. To avoid accidental falls, entrapment and incorrect positioning, constantly monitor the child, the position of his/her legs and the product, which must be correctly adapted to the wearer's build and the child's size (e.g. not too tight or loose);
  • Always support the child's body and head with one hand when moving or bending over. When crossing a door and/or turning a corner, make sure that the baby's body and head do not hit the walls or jambs.
  • periodically check the thermal conditions of the baby;
  • transporting a child can be burdensome and/or tiring. Do not use if not in optimal physical condition. Take breaks when using a baby carrier;
  • Be careful when wearing a baby carrier (when you first put it on, get help); find a place where you can place your baby on a soft, horizontal surface (e.g. bed);
  • Do not wear other accessories that will interfere with the space occupied by the baby (e.g. bags, necklaces, headphones, etc.) while using the products. It could get caught or hurt;
  • When adjusting the product, take into consideration your and your baby's clothing;
  • Do not use during sports activities;
  • Do not use a baby carrier in a car, bicycle, motorcycle, etc. A baby carrier cannot replace a car seat. MHUG would like to remind you that the use of a car seat is always compulsory in accordance with the relevant regulations. While ¡°wearing¡± a baby, do not drive any vehicle, be it a bicycle, motorcycle or car, etc;
  • Do not wear the baby carrier while cooking, working with sharp objects or hot liquids. Never stay near open flames. Do not be near sources of emission of harmful chemicals;
  • You can eat and drink while wearing the baby carrier, but not hot food or drinks, you could spill them on your baby with serious consequences;
  • Keep a distance between you and dangerous objects when using a baby carrier. Your baby could touch them and injure himself;
  • periodically and always before each use: check the integrity of the baby carrier and the various fasteners, especially after washing; check that knots/rings/straps and fasteners are correctly positioned and tightened;
  • for safety, always tie a double knot as this could cause the baby to fall;
  • pay attention that any loose cords present / portions of fabric, even after having worn the product correctly, do not get caught on external elements, are not accessible to the child, that the child cannot get caught in the shoulder straps or slip out;
  • always pay attention to the risk of the child falling. This risk increases when the baby starts to be more active;
  • Only use the product to carry one child. Never use more than one baby carrier at a time.
  • Do not wear accessories that could strangle your baby (e.g. necklaces, headphones, etc.);
  • Do not use if you have taken drugs or substances that alter perception and/or states of consciousness;
  • do not use in water or in the shower.

TIP FOR ALL MHUG Baby Carriers:
As soon as your baby is securely in the carrier, start walking and rocking him or her a little. Babies love movement, it's a reminder of the womb. If the weather is fine, go for a walk.
Do the first exercises when the baby is fed, rested and in a relaxed situation. Babies don't like to be ¡°the guinea pig¡± so practice first with a doll, preferably in front of the mirror.

- The baby is in an active and physiological position, not hanging like in a normal baby carrier. With the MHUG baby carriers, the baby unloads its weight on its bottom and not on its genitals.
- The legs assume a natural position without pushing on the pelvis.
- The weight of the baby is well distributed on the body of the adult, without straining the back.
- Folded easily fit into any bag.
- The safety of the child is the responsibility of those who carry it. MHUG assumes no responsibility in case of accidents caused by improper use of its products.