The Book on Babywearing


"A fundamental book for new parents that I recommend also to the young doctors starting specialization in pediatrics." 

Dr Franco De Luca, a pediatrician and author of the book "Children and too much medicine" , the Green Lion, 2009

"Reading Let embrace !, chapter after chapter, I felt transported to a heat space, closeness, love. The author has managed to" hear "his words: through them, in fact, it comes slowly to feel embraced and pampered. "

Dr. Daniela Uslenghi, psychologist, psychotherapist and scientific director of the ' Institute Hoffman , who for more than 20 years developing innovative methods for the formation, evolution and improvement of the person.


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100% Hand-made in Italy

Patented model: comfortable, versatile, safe and beautiful!

Our Mei Tais are small and light, made from natural materials and designed for greater practicalitỳ and safety.

They allow you to look after your baby closely, making him active and involved.

They are an irreplaceable aid for bedtime and against colic.

Our Mei-Tais are ergonomic and patented.

Welcome to MHUG, a world of hugs!

Kitting yourself out with an MHUG baby carrier will give your little one a solid base of well-being and safety, because there's nothing better than direct contact with Mum and Dad when it comes to braving the world with a smile.

MHUG Mei Tai, l’evoluzione del portabebè

MHUG Mei Tai ha una speciale seduta allargata quindi il bebè scarica il peso sul sederino e non sui genitali. Le gambine assumono naturalmente la posizione divaricata senza spingere sul bacino.

Ha una cintura larga e due ampie bretelle imbottite che distribuiscono il peso del bebè su tutto il torso dell’adulto, senza affaticare la schiena.

E’ progettato con ampio bavero con tre funzioni speciali: protegge il bimbo dal freddo e sorregge la testolina durante la nanna e lo nasconde da occhi indiscreti durante l’allattamento.

Stefano Erba

Great quality and 100% safe. We have been using it for a few days but we already love it. Super positive note is reading the label = Made in Italy (finally)


I own the headband and was looking for something more practical. This product met my expectations and needs. Nice cotton, light, made in Italy, easy and quick to put on!!! My baby of 2 months s falls asleep once put in the mei tai, the feeling is a safe and warm embrace!!! Great product.

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