Some things we hold dear to our hearts:

1) Safety, Safety, SAFETY!There can never be enough of it. MHUG products are laboratory tested, thereby certifying their safety and quality, and ensuring that what is a healthy and enjoyable practice is, first and foremost, a safe one. One of the founders of MHUG actively works in the European Commission which is responsible for establishing safety norms in the childhood sector, thanks to which he is constantly updated on the latest news and recommendations concerning safety and prevention.

2) HEALTH: MHUG baby carriers are designed in collaboration with Doctors and Midwives, to ensure correct posturing and an effective benefit for Mother and Child. In many traditional baby carriers found on the market the child is "dangled", with consequences that are far from positive (for example for the genitalia, especially in the case of males). In addition, some products present on the market have been found to have support structures that cause incorrect positioning. MHUG baby carriers ensure both correct weight distribution as well as correct hip spread positioning. We work with Hospital Maternity wards and have initiated a wonderful project with the Neonatal Intensive Therapy Unit in Moncalieri, Turin: together with hospital staff we designed a special bamboo band for premature babies that is being used on the ward to enable mothers to prolong the beneficial time of kangaroo care.

3) RAW MATERIALS: the raw materials we use are certified, both in terms of composition, and dye. Therefore there is no risk to your baby's health, even if he "sucks" the pieces of fabric.

4) Made in Italy: 100% Italian manufacturing, the real thing and provable! We know that, due to loopholes in the law, it is possible to use the label "Made in Italy" even if a large part of the manufacturing is done abroad, often outside Europe, where the workplace and workers’ conditions are not always fair and healthy. We, very proudly (and with a lot of effort!), produce everything in Italy.

5) BEAUTY: let's not forget that a Mother is and remains a woman! Eye-catching colours that can also be matched with formal and elegant clothing. On request, precious limited editions.

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