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The St Moritz - One of our favourites! Fuchsia and grey

The MHUG Travel is practical and light, an essential accessory for going out and travelling without being loaded down by pushchairs and bags. The MHUG Travel is a handbag-sized baby carrier that you put on with a single gesture, like a T-shirt.

In two sizes, one for mums and one for dads (MHUG Travel Maxi London )

The MHUG Travel has all the fundamental characteristics that conform with a child's natural physiology: the child sits comfortably and does not 'dangle', his back is supported, his hips are properly spread.

The MHUG Travel also has parental well-being in mind. Its wide straps, along with the special rear band, ensure it is both comfortable and safe for the back, by distributing the child's weight across mum or dad's entire torso.

In the winter, it goes well with the MHUG Poncho.

In the winter, it goes well with the MHUG Poncho. Throughout the rest of the year, with all our MHUG accessories! We suggest:

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